Streamlined Investigations and Cleanups Using the Triad Approach

 Triad Overview
 Systematic Planning
 Sampling Design
 Dynamic Work Strategies
 Decision Support Tools
 Resources for Triad Educators
 Direct Sampling Methods and Down-Hole Sensors
 Geophysical Technologies
 X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF)
 Test Kits
 Gas Chromatography (GC)
 Use of the Triad approach at a Former MGP Site
 Operation and Performance Assessment for Chlorinated NAPL Remediation
 NAS Lemoore - Site 14 Triad Investigation
 Case Study - Former Ordnance Facility - Development of a Comprehensive Site Strategy
 Direct Push Tools and Sensors and Related Case Studies from the State of California
 Triad Case Study - Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton
 Triad Characterization of Triad Characterization of Soil Contamination at Soil Contamination at Former Small Arms Training Ranges
 Targeted Targeted Brownfields Brownfields Assessment of a Assessment of a Former Power Plant Using the Triad Former Power Plant Using the Triad Approach
 Case Study - Considerations for Applying the Triad Approach at the Hartford Hydrocarbon Plume Site, Hartford, Illinois
 Case Study for the Use of a Decision Support Tool: Using SCRIBE to Manage Data during a Triad Investigation, Milltown Redevelopment Site, Milltown, New Jersey
 Case Study - Marino Brothers Scrapyard, Pennsylvania Brownfields Site
 Case Study - Taylor Lumber, Wood Treatment Facility, Sheridan, Oregon
 Case Study - University of Connecticut (UConn) Landfill
 Case Study - High Resolution Seismic Reflection Survey for Groundwater Contaminant Studies, C.F.B, Borden, Ontario, Canada
 Ross Metals Project Profile - An Example of How to Select the Appropriate Sample Preparation Method for XRF and Refine Project Uncertainty and Decision Logic