Kármentesítési Konferencia - 2003. május 21.

Aspects of the Environmental Legislation from the Viewpoint of its Practical Application
Prof. Dr. Géza Kilényi
Principal of Institute
  1. From the point of view of the practical application there are the following essential legal institutions and provisions, included into the new administrative proceedings law, being under preparation:
    1. Problems, concerning identification of the scope of the clients. Definition of the area under impact.
    2. Inter-mediator, representing authority.
    3. Introducing the evidence to the client.
    4. Official contract application in the environmental legislation.
    5. New provisions for the official surveying.
    6. Judicial control of the administrative resolutions.
  1. Codification of the general part of administrative material legislation:
    1. Systemising the different types of sanctions, used by the administration.
    2. Typology of the administrative proceedings, with regard to the lawsuits.