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In Hungary since April 1988 environment and nature protection falls under ministerial governance, at this time the National Water Bureau and the National Environment and Nature Protection Office were merged and the Ministry of Environment and Water was founded.

In the summer of 1990 water management was separated from environment protection and was transferred to the Ministry of Transport, Communication and Water. For a few months the environment portfolio operated under the name of Ministry for Environment Protection, later, in the autumn of 1990 its environment and nature protection scope of authority was increased to include housing and construction, regional development and heritage conservation and governed as the Ministry of Environment and Regional Development.

Following the 1998 change of government the housing and construction and the regional development duties were transferred to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development while heritage conservation tasks were moved to the Ministry of National Cultural Heritage. At this time when the Ministry of Environment Protection was established.

In 2002 the Ministry went through a transformation again as water affairs were transferred from the Ministry for Transport, Communication and Water to the Ministry of Environment and Water.

At present the Ministry is a central governing body for environment and nature protection and water affairs. The Ministry carries out the special fields’ sectoral, expert management and regulatory tasks in the areas of environment and nature protection, water management and meteorology. The Ministry’s responsibilities include policy development, tasks connected to governmental work and the continuation of the ever far-reaching international collaboration. The Ministry’s field institutions – environmental and water authorities, national park managements – attend to the first degree tasks of the authorities. Environment and nature protection second degree tasks of the authorities are carried out by the National Environment and Water Authority.




The aim of the Ministry of Environment and Water is the realization of a liberal programme which is based on environmental conscience and sustainable development.

The Ministry, headed by the Minister wishes to be the ‘green conscience’ not only of the government but of the entire populace. The accumulated knowledge, experience, the sensitivity and responsibility towards environmental issues bounds the Ministry to consciously take on conflicts in the interest of sustainable development.

The Ministry's mission is to be a portfolio that, through its work and its consistent leading role, encourages green thought to penetrate the conscience and actions of every political - economical decision maker and every citizen of Hungary. The green portfolio has to be the Ministry of future generations not only of the Ministry of today.

It is now a matter of fact that possibilities for growth are not infinite anywhere in the World particularly in this small, fragile country. The Ministry, taking into consideration the three large areas under its auspice ( environment, nature and water protection ) would like to fulfil its role as the founding pillar of increased environmental conscience by implementing environmental education and development of ecological sustainability.

The Ministry's objective is to provide a more liveable Hungary and secure future for future generations by means of decisions taken today.

Improved living standards, the fulfilment of people's right to a healthy environment, the existence of fundamental environmental safety, decreasing of global climate change can only be reached over the long term if social and economical development are reached while ensuring our natural heritage, the protection of our natural resources used in a sustainable and logical manner.